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We're so caught up in our hectic way of life that often we miss out on the opportunity to really connect with someone. How different would our interactions be if we just took a moment to see the person in front of us and to treat them with kindness & compassion? We each have importance & value and recognizing that about someone else will change how you see them and ultimately how you interact with them. Instead of being short or angry, try a little compassion & empathy. Instead of only partially paying attention to the conversation, put down your gadgets and really focus on their words and the emotions behind them. How else can you really respond appropriately or offer support if needed. If you are constantly multi-tasking then you are never really giving any one thing your full attention. Be in the present. Savor the opportunity to see and to be seen, to hear and to be heard. We've each been given a voice, thoughts & opinions so that we can share them and so that we can have a decent conversation with someone without judgement. Don't see someone through your learned preconceived notions about a "type". Lose your old expectations and disappointments and allow yourself a whole new experience. The spark of the divine that's within me, recognizes and honors the spark of the divine that's within you. Connect from that place that's within you.

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Inner Spiritual Center is located in Fairfield, NJ. Although we are a Spiritualist center, many of our congregants come from all different faiths and backgrounds. We never force our beliefs on you and


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