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Our Ministerial Services


Inner Spiritual Center offers a variety of Ministerial Services. Many of which can be held right at our location in Fairfield, NJ (up to 60 people), or at a venue of your choosing. For all of our services, one of our Ministers and/or Ministers in Training will work with you to provide the most personal and loving service or ceremony. Fees vary, so please contact us for additional information.

Weddings - Whether you're looking for an intimate service at our center or at a more elaborate venue, our Ministers are prepared to make your day a special one. Personalized or traditional, all faiths and/or beliefs can be included in the ceremony.

Commitment - For those who wish to be connected by love, but not by law, a commitment ceremony is a lovely way to pledge yourself to another.

Renewing of Vows - Still in love and want to let everyone know it? A renewing of vows and your commitment to each other is always a lovely way to do just that.

Funerals - It's never easy saying good-bye to loved ones. Our ministers can help you through this difficult time. All faiths and/or beliefs will be respected and incorporated as desired.

Celebration of Life - What better way to honor someone who has passed than to celebrate their life. Many are choosing this option over traditional funerals.

Memorials - If you never had the opportunity to have a formal service, or would just like to honor your loved one on the anniversary of their passing, we can provide a lovely memorial service.

Baby Namings - Let us help you welcome your new bundle of joy into the world!

Adult Namings - If you've never had a ceremony to honor your presence, then consider a naming.

Spiritualist Naming - If you're declaring yourself as a Spiritualist, what better way to show your commitment to Spirit? Let our ministers make your day special and reveal your spirit name.

Prayers/Healing - We're always available to pray for someone and offer "healing" services for groups and individuals as needed.

Support - Whether you're grieving a loss or just going through a difficult time, our ministers are available to listen and offer their words of support.

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