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To minister, means "to attend to the needs of", and that's exactly what our ministers strive to do every day. For some the Ministry is a calling. To others it's just a way a life. Many who come into our program are already practicing kindness, compassion, healing & support of others in need, yet they still feel there is more they can do. They not only strive to bring comfort to others, but they encourage you to know the divine within you and to shine your light. They share your joys and your sorrows and support you through both. Whether it's a hand you need or a hug, they are there willing to step in.
As a center, we not only provide Ministerial Services such as weddings, namings and funerals, but we also give those who feel they are being called to Ministry work a place to be educated about their role as such, as well as the opportunity to practice what they learn. The Ministers who go through our program are given rotating responsibilities so that they can confidently do what they're trained to do. We encourage teamwork, and what better way than to equally share in the responsibilities of running our Spiritualist Sunday Service, as well as the daily workings of our center. Whether a Minister, a member, or an occasional visitor, we are a community.

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