Tutors: Rev. Bill Coller and Rev. Sharon Siubis

Inner Spiritual Center’s Program of Ministry is designed, overseen and evaluated by Rev. Bill Coller and Rev. Sharon Siubis. Class meets for 4 weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) throughout the year from 9am-4pm.


  • Public Speaking

  • Structure of Services: Church, Namings, Funerals, Weddings, Commitments, Pastorial Roles and Service

  • Bereavement Support and Understanding Death and Dying

  • Running a Center/Church

  • Ordination Preparation and Post- Ordination Duties


  • Must have successfully completed minimum of ISC’s 1st year Mediumship Training Program. Focus is on sensitivity training, healing, and philosophy.

  • Must provide an independent assessment, at your own expense from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist that you are suitable for Ministerial work.

  • Attain an 80% attendance during the year and complete 100% of the required work in class and between classes.

  • Attendance for minimum of 3 of the 4 ISC church services during the course year. Course understanding and completion is subject to team assessment.

  • Course understanding and completion is subject to team assessment.

  • Course completion is subject to final interview and evaluation by Rev. Sharon Siubis and Rev. Bill Coller.

  • Ordination is subject to all requirements

  • Post Ordination will be monitored yearly as to ministerial work being done and for renewal with yearly fee of $85.00.

2023 Class Dates:

  • to be announced


*Ordination date will be set for 2024. TBA pending all work completion, assessments, interview and evaluations.

new dates coming soon