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Meet our Ministers

Active Ministers:

Rev. Sharon Siubis

Rev. Bill Coller

Rev. Steven Pawlowski

Rev. Alex Nunez

Rev. Kim Caswell

Rev. Leslie L. Sommers

Rev. Martin Medina

Rev. Maria Loquerigo

Ministerial Responsibilities (rotating schedule):

Service Coordinator

Responsible for all aspects of our Sunday Service. Coordinate moderator, speakers, mediums, music, collections, set up and close up.


ISC Outreach Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating healers as needed for home, hospital or ISC. Keep track of supplies. Birthday/get well cards for ISC members. Phone message - respond or redirect.

ISC Class Coordinator

Coordinate classes and events. Set up, clean up, food, beverages, any supplies needed. Camera set up, filming, Zoom or other online platform.

ISC Fundraising Coordinator

Oversee and coordinate all fundraising efforts (student demonstrations, raffles, fundraising events, etc).

ISC Community Outreach Coordinator

Coordination of any community interaction. Food collections, community awareness events, holiday collections, outside lectures & demonstrations at libraries, over 55 communities, metaphysical stores, etc.


Minister Coordinator

Coordinate communication amongst Ministers. Back up for grief help and speak to those in need. Help as needed where her physical presence isn't required.

Please contact our center or speak to any of our Ministers if you we could be of service.

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