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Membership is just another way you can help support our center. If you currently enjoy our Spiritualist Sunday Service as a guest, please consider becoming a member. Your yearly donation of $50 for individual, or $80 for a family membership, helps us keep our doors open and allows us to continue to develop classes and invite guest speakers to our service, as well as guest tutors for our classes. Membership is renewed on a yearly basis.

Membership has its perks! Once you become a member, you'll receive a discount voucher for one of our evening classes and we have Members' Only events throughout the year. During our time on Zoom we've already enjoyed a few Bingo nights and movie events, followed by discussion. We look forward to when it's safe to resume in-person social events, luncheons and gatherings. What a fun way to spend some time with other members and to feel a part of a community!

Whether a member or a guest, your voice and opinion matter to us. We're always happy to hear from you and have you take a more active role, if desired. If you have a topic of interest for a talk, or an inspirational reading, we're always happy to offer an opportunity to take an active role in our service.

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*Family members include children who are 21 or under living in the same household. Adults living in separate households should apply individually.

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If someone referred you to us, please let us know so we can thank them. We always welcome new members!

Thank you for your support!

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