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Meet our Mediums

Mediumship Readings in Person (at ISC) by Appointment

We try to offer 8 in-person time slots once a month (see dates below), with our working Mediums. Each medium has two timeslots starting at 12:30pm by appointment only.  Time preference based on availability. Cost to be paid in cash at time of appointment. Use the form below to request an appointment. Be sure to include your preferred date/time. If you'd like a time/date not listed, use the same form below to inquire. Current (Sunday) in-person dates available:

September 24, 2023

October 29, 2023

December 3, 2023

December 17, 2023

Mediumship Readings via Zoom

Some of our working Mediums accept Zoom appointments. Check bios below.







What to Expect at Your Reading

All of our mediums practice Evidential Mediumship. A mediumship reading is provided when a person (the Medium) communicates with a soul that has passed from this physical world (the communicator). This communication comes in different ways for different mediums but is often a blend of feelings, images, and/or auditory words. The evidence of the communicator may include information about their personality, memories, and/or relationships. The evidence consists of facts that can be validated (or not) by the recipient so that you can form your own opinion regarding the continuity of life.  Other than validation, the mediums ask that you not provide too much information (often referred to as "do not feed the medium"), so that they can get the information from spirit for you. During the reading you may be asked to respond yes, no or I don't know to the information being provided. Validating the information helps you to decide for yourself who the communicator is. Please keep in mind that sometimes a "no" or "I don't know" response can often be validated at a later date. Your communicator may have an opinion about events in current life and offer guidance, but it is not meant to be a predication of the future. Understand that any message you receive is from Spirit and not the Medium. There is never a guarantee that you'll hear from a particular person in a mediumship reading/communication. Therefore, it's best to come with an open mind. 


Rev. Martin Medina is a Minister & Evidential Medium with ISC. Since childhood, he felt "things" without knowing why, which often left him feeling out of place. More than 20 years ago, he was fortunate to meet good teachers who helped him understand his sensitivity and helped him develop as a medium. He feels that being a medium is a constant development and that spiritualism has opened his eyes to a wonderful lifestyle. Cost is $100 for 45 minutes. Available via Zoom or in-person at ISC. English/Spanish speaking. Martin can be reached through his website:

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Rev. Alex Nunez is a Minister and Evidential Medium with ISC. He has been practicing Evidential Mediumship since 2018, bringing healing and a higher awareness of those we love who have transitioned into the spirit realm. His hope is that his clients leave the session with a better understanding and appreciation that there is NO real death, but a continuation of life in a different energy/vibration. Their love for us never goes away, as they know our love for them is always in our hearts. Your loved ones are eager to communicate and there is often a healing message from spirit at the end of the session. Alex accepts cash only at this time. Cost is $125 for 45 minutes or $150 for one hour, which includes time for a short discussion regarding the information that was given. Appointments in person only at ISC. English/Spanish. 


Lynn McHugh is a Minister-in-Training and an Evidential Medium with ISC. She has been a great support since ISC's inception in 2012. (complete bio coming soon). Accepting cash only at this time. Appointments are in person only at ISC.

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Arlene Mains is an Evidential Medium with ISC (Complete bio coming soon). Available via Zoom only. Arelene can be reached through her website:

Note: The Inner Spiritual Center nor the Mediums take responsibility for what the recipient does with the information or messages provided. Prices are set by our individual mediums and is not a reflection of ability. All of our mediums have been vetted and are fully capable of providing Evidential Mediumship. ISC is not culpable for what may occur during an individual reading as each of the mediums work independently. For additional information about a particular medium or how they work, you may reach out to them directly. 

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