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Join us every Sunday at 10:30am (EST) for our weekly Spiritualist Service!
Until we can be safely back at our center, please join our service via Zoom.

Whether you join us for a sense of community, inspirational talks, song, meditation, fellowship or demonstrations of mediumship, all are welcome!

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 253 251 755 / Passcode: 773762

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The Inner Spiritual Center Mission Statement


  • We are all brothers and sisters to each other. Respect and acceptance of each individual is necessary for the growth of humanity.


  • Service to our physical world and service to the spiritual world are both part of our humanity.


  • We are all a part of that Infinite Energy of Spirit, and with that we have the eternal potential for the continuation of learning, growth and communication.


  • We have personal responsibility for ourselves and therefore responsibility for all we have done, both positive and negative.


  • Physical “death” is only the doorway to the continuation of our true essence, which is our soul/spirit.


  • Communication and intelligent dialogue with our soul/spirit continues after the event of physical death through mediumship.


Remembering, honoring and serving

those in spirit, as well as our community.

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