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At Inner Spiritual Center we hold our tutors to the highest of standards. They are well trained and have many years of experience in helping people discover effective communication. We teach Evidential Mediumship, which means it's not enough to just say, "I have grandma in spirit". There has to be proof that the communicator really is connecting to grandma. That proof might include physical attributes, age, cause of death, personality, unique characteristics, marital status, life growing up, children, pets and so forth. You'll also discover the difference between using your psychic abilities and your mediumship abilities.

Whether you're interested in becoming a platform medium or just want to learn these techniques for yourself, Inner Spiritual Center has the class for you. We offer a Year 1 program, which is followed by Year 2/Advanced. After your second year, you're welcome to continue with the next Year 2 class if you wish to practice and continue your studies.

Our yearly Trance to Physical courses offer yet another part of Mediumship to explore.

Hundreds of students have enjoyed our programs and we continue to grow because of it. Just read some of our testimonials!

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