"A Center for Intuitive and Mediumistic Unfoldment and Growth"

"The growth of one's own spirit and our connection to the Spiritual Realm is a life long adventure and a path unique to each individual"

Welcome to the Inner Spiritual Center

ISC Mediumship Classes

June and July classes on going...

Fall session starts
September 12, 2017

Open/Continuing Mediumship 2017

The format is designed to challenge the student with ongoing exercises and individual attention including structure, private clients, working with multiple communicators, demonstrating, circle work. Open Practice Nights- $25.00/person per night ( weather permitting)

If you are interested in trying out your newly realized mediumship skills, this is the class for you!

If you have not taken a Mediumship class before with Sharon/Carole and want to sign up Contact Sharon or call 973-628-8893

Sharon and Bill talk Mediumship with Kerrianne and Joe

2017 Mediumship Training Program

2018 Mediumship Training Program

Year 1 Begins Feb 16, 2018

Study The Clair's, Tools, Circle Work, Physical Phenomena, Energy work, chakras, auras and much more!
All classes run 9am-4pm

  • February 16, 17, 18
  • May 11, 12, 13
  • Aug 4,5
  • October 19, 20, 21
  • November 30
  • December 1, 2
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    2018 Advanced Mediumship Training Program

    Year 2 begins Feb 23, 2018

    Continue your mediumistic unfoldment! Grow your mediumship and push yourself in this program. Develop new strategies in private readings, public demonstrations and more.
    All classes run 9am-4pm

  • February 23, 24, 25
  • May 18, 19, 20
  • October 26, 27, 28
  • December 7, 8, 9
  • Learn Demonstration Techniques!
    Learn to Link In!
    Push yourself!
    Flex pay available
    Pay in full and save $$

    ISC Demonstration of Mediumship

    with Mediums Bill Coller, Sharon Siubis and
    Richard Schoeller

    "Community is important
    in every aspect of life as it helps us to know that we
    are never alone on our path."

    Inner Spiritual Center Disclaimer

    Please note that in any mediumship work, there is evidence of information, but there may also be "message" information given to the client/recipient during a personal or public session. As the evidence part of mediumship communication stands on its own merit, the message is only an opinion from the communication. It is then one's own personal responsibility as to the choice that is made based on this message information. ISC holds no responsibility for personal choice.