Tutors: Richard Schoeller

Date: starts Jan 22, 2022

(dates/times in description)

Time: 7:00pm-9:30pm

Cost: $995

Pre-requisite: 1 year of Intro to Trance through ISC


Continued practice

Paid in full
Cost: $995


This course is designed to provide an environment of classroom learning and continued practical experiences in furthering understanding and exploration of trance work towards physical mediumship and phenomena.

Course objectives:

  • Review and further exploration of trance and trance states.

  • Deepen your connection to the spiritual world & your team.

  • NEW - Conversation with Spirit Demonstration with Richard Schoeller and Rosemary Calderalo

  • NEW - All Trance to Physical students are welcomed to continue practice with the Intro to Trance Students on any or all their course days for an additional one time fee of $250.00 paid by Feb 17, 2022

  • Learn to control your experiences & emotions in this sensitive state.

  • Group & individual experiences with trance exercises.

  • Building trance towards physical phenomena & activity.

  • Séance experiences

Course dates:

  • Jan 22nd (10am-4pm) via Zoom

  • Mar 10th (7pm-9:30pm) via Zoom

  • Apr 8th (1pm-6pm) in person at ISC or via Zoom

  • Apr 9th (10am-4pm) in person at ISC or via Zoom

  • Jun 2nd (7pm-9:30pm) via Zoom

  • Jul 14th (7pm-9:30pm) Conversations with Spirit via Zoom

  • Sep 9th (1pm-6pm) in person at ISC or via Zoom

  • Sep 10th (10am-4pm) in person at ISC or via Zoom

  • Nov 4th (1pm-6pm) in person at ISC or via Zoom

  • Nov 5th (10am-4pm) in person at ISC or via Zoom

Course fee: $995.00

Payment schedule:

  • $150.00 non-refundable deposit at time of sign up.

  • $300.00 by Jan 22nd

  • $300.00 by Apr 8th

  • $245.00 by Jun 2nd

Deposit - Payment 1
Cost: $150

Payment 2 - by Jan 22
Cost: $300

Payment 3 - by Apr 8
Cost: $300

Payment 4 - by Jun 2
Cost: $245

Tutors: Rosemary Calderalo

& Richard Schoeller

Date: starts Feb 17, 2022

(dates/times in description)

Location: Hybrid option

(at ISC or Zoom)

Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Cost: $550



Throughout history in many cultures, forms of Trance Mediumship have been utilized to access the spiritual realm. Mediumship is developed through conscious cooperation and agreement between the medium and the spirit world and our team of spirit teachers.


Course objectives:

  • Understanding the differences of terms related to trance

  • Working with developmental exercises to experience your trance potential

  • Strengthening and deepening trance states

  • Cabinet work as in-person may allow

  • Developing and understanding the relationship between you as the medium and your spiritual team

  • Work towards developing philosophy and guidance through trance

  • Conversation with Spirit Evening with Richard and Rosemary

Course dates:

  • Feb 17th (7pm-9pm) via Zoom w/Richard & Rosemary

  • Mar 26th (10am-4pm) via Zoom or at ISC w/Rosemary

  • Jun 4th (10am-4pm) via Zoom or at ISC w/Rosemary

  • Jul 14th (7pm-9:00pm) Conversation with Spirit via Zoom w/Richard & Rosemary

  • Aug 4th (7pm-9pm) via Zoom w/Richard & Rosemary

  • Oct 1st (10am-4pm) via Zoom or at ISC w/Rosemary

  • Nov 5th (10am-4pm) via Zoom or at ISC w/Richard & Rosemary

Course fee: $550

Registration ends Feb 10, 2022 or when class size is reached.

Limited class size, pre-registration only.

Payment schedule:

  • $150 non-refundable deposit at time of sign up.

  • $200 by Feb 16th

  • $200 by Mar 25th

Paid in full
Cost: $550

Deposit - Payment 1
Cost: $150

Payment 2 - by Feb 16
Cost: $200

Payment 3 - by Mar 25
Cost: $200

Note: If at any time, Rosemary and/or Richard considers this class not suitable for you, you will be advised, and money will be refunded for remainder of classes not taken.

Disclaimer: By taking this class you are confirming that you are not presently taking any chronic pain
medication, you have not consumed alcohol in the 24 hours prior to class and that you suffer from no
mental or emotional disorder.